Women Reveal Sex Products They Wish Men Owned


Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a while or you’re sleeping with someone new (or hoping to), there’s never a bad time to take stock of how you might be able to enhance your experience in the bedroom. Don’t get it twisted — no one’s saying you’re doing anything wrong. It’s just that with so many products on the market designed to take your love making to the next level, why wouldn’t you branch out and see what else you might be able to throw into the mix?

Of course, having this conversation with the woman you’re doing it with could get real awkward really quickly — especially if it’s someone you’re just starting to get to know in the sack. So to get to the bottom of what products women really wish their men owned, I asked a few ladies to tell me their straight up, honest wants when it comes to the items that are designed to make sex more pleasurable. Read on for what they really want you to stock up on for your next love making sesh.

1. Lube

“Whenever I get drunk I get really dry,” says Kayla, 27, “so I always wish there were some lube in the guy’s bedroom that I could use instead of taking breaks to spit or have him go down on me. It’s also hard because right now the guy I’m seeing is a new thing, so I feel awkward asking for lube. But if I were sleeping with a guy and he knew things were going to go down, and just casually happened to have a bottle of lube that was readily accessible right by his bed, that’d be ideal.”


2. A Vibrating Ring

“I can only get off during sex when I’m on top,” says Sarah, 29, “and I’ve been wanting to try those vibrating rings, because I feel like it would line up exactly where I need it to with my clit, and I’d be able to orgasm no matter what position we were in. And obviously the guy I’m dating would benefit from it too. If my guy were to be like, ‘Hey, want to try this?’ I would definitely be into it.”

3. A Couples Vibrator

“Fingers crossed — I think he got us one for Christmas,” says Stephanie, 26. “But ever since I first read about those couples vibrators that the woman puts inside her, that pleasures both of you at the same time, I’ve been dropping subtle hints to my boyfriend. I’m really intrigued by how it’s supposed to stay in place no matter what position you move to, so I hope I get to put it to the test!”


4. A Well-Positioned Mirror

“There’s something so hot about being able to watch yourself being f*cked,” says Jasmine, 24. “Having a mirror I can glance at while we’re doing it is like watching porn while we’re having sex. Except we’re not watching randos, we’re just seeing each other from every angle. I wish that every guy I slept with had one.”

5. Comfortable Bedsheets

“There’s nothing that ruins the mood like having sex on sheets that actually scratch your skin and make you feel itchy,” says Joanna, 32. “If you’re looking to get laid more often and have return visitors to your bed, invest in a pair of sheets with a high thread count. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve slept with a guy who I would have done it with again, but turned down his booty call because I didn’t want to spend the night on those nasty sheets. Call me high maintenance, but I don’t think I’m asking for a lot here.”

6. Quality Condoms

“I know you got those ‘NYC brand’ condoms free at some dive bar,” says Laura, 27, “and I’m judging you. If those condoms don’t feel good to me, there’s no way in hell they feel good for the guys wearing them! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t stock up on some condoms that are quality. In fact, if they had the ones that vibrate, ones that are ribbed, studded, like a little variety to choose from I would be so stoked. It would be way more of a turn on to see a guy who likes to experiment with different condom types than a drawer full of free condoms you know he grabbed while wasted at a bar or club.”


7. Handcuffs

“I don’t think there’s a woman out there who wouldn’t be into a little role playing using handcuffs,” says Vanessa, 28. “And even if you’re not into the man in uniform cop thing, being restrained during sex makes all of your senses feel more heightened. Not being able to reciprocate, and therefore not focusing my energy anywhere else but on what’s being done to me has led to some of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever had. I would recommend any man who doesn’t own a pair to invest in ones that are good quality. Being handcuffed kind of loses its appeal when you’re using the plastic kind.”

8. A Magic Wand

“I like the idea of being able to use a toy like this explicitly for sex but also as an actual massager,” says Kristin, 25. “Of course, you would need to clean it in between. But just fantasizing about having a guy break one of those out under the guise of giving me a massage, and feeling those vibrations through my body as he gets closer and closer to my clit is enough to get me turned on. I’d love if the guy I was hooking up with owned one of them.”



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