About Deviltica

What is Deviltica?

Who is Tyler Bauer?

I can remember the day I stumbled upon my parent’s porn stash. That’s right. I said, parents. It was summer vacation, and I was 14. Mum and Dad were at both at work and my brother, three years my senior, was drafted in to look after me during the day.

Now I say “look after me” he was more interested in hanging out with his friends meaning that I would be left on my own in the house with the explicit orders, “Don’t tell Mum I left you on your own. Don’t go outside or let anyone in and if Mum calls, tell her I’m taking a shit”. So being home on my own I decided to explore my parent’s room to see what I could find.

It was in the back of their closet that I discovered a collection of porn that completely amazed me. A stash of Penthouse, Hustler, Private, Playboy and Playgirl magazines. Along with a collection of unmarked VHS tapes. It was the proverbial “porn-o-jackpot”.

By the end of the summer, I had every page of every magazine committed to memory, knew the best scenes on each of the individual VHS tapes. My exploration into pornography and erotica had begun, and though at the time I didn’t realise it at the time, being excited and aroused by the men of Playgirl as I was by the women in Penthouse so had my exploration into my sexuality.

My name is Tyler Bauer and the founder of Deviltica. I created this blog to share my exploration of erotica, and sexuality.